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Bayside -(Race name) Irish Edie- competing in the 3ft Take 2 Hunters- Went on to be a finalist placing 9th at the Take2 finals. He is also leased by Elizabeth Creighton competing the A circuit in the 2'6 adult hunters.


Jimmythe Gem - (race name) Jimmy the Germ-
Competing in the Take2 3ft Hunters up to currently-
also earning USHJA Horse of the Year in the
thoroughbred division in his region in 2021,
Jimmy is also leased my amatuer riders that compete him in the adult 2'6 throughout the A circuit.

Heading 1

 Seeking Revenge  (race name and Show name)  Competing in the 2'6 Baby Greens summer of 2023. She is owned by the most loving family Jackie, Erik and Adelyn Rapp. She came off the track in 2022 and her potential as a hunter is endless!

Lucky Penguin - is our newest and youngest member to Golden Island! He competed in the .85 jumpers this year and will be making is way up to the meter or higher to be eligible for the take2 finals in the near future

Heading 1

La Femme Petite- 8 year old off track thoroughbred. Has two amazing leasers Nicole Knobloch and Bella Kruezinger both show her in the adult and Junior hunters. "Fifi" could not have a better family than these two lovely people.

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