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The Start of Golden Island Tb Rescue....

My purpose of establishing the Golden Island Thoroughbred Rescue to create a transitional home for thoroughbred racehorses after they have completed their career on the track. This mission grew out of my work, training and providing lesson/show program at VanderZicht Stables. I have always been drawn to the "off track thoroughbred.  My dream becomes a reality through this organization. Golden Island thoroughbred Rescue has enabled me to devote my skills, knowledge and expertise to give the retired race horse a new and purposeful life. In order to restore dignity and respect for these majestic animals we provide a caring, loving and nurturing program in the rolling hills of Massachusetts. Restoring life for an unhealthy thoroughbred can be difficult but rewarding. Giving these horses a gift of a second chance in life for a successful career, is our family mission and passion. 

" Thoroughbreds have always been my rescue."

-Lauren VanderZicht-

Our oldest Thoroughbred, Grub for Gold, is my pride and Joy. "Goldie" was rescued off the track after her long and successful race career. As a thoroughbred race horse it made it challenging for Goldie to relax her mind set for a new career. I knew that this special horse would be in my life for a long time. We worked hard together to create a relationship based on patience and trust. Fourteen years later Goldie has helped many riders learn what it is to ride a beautiful, talented, kind thoroughbred. She now enjoys teaching young beginner riders how to trot, canter and teach them how to jump their first  jump. She is a seasoned show horse and has competed throughout the hunter/jumper circuit in her younger years. Goldie is healthy, happy and continues to love her job as a teacher at age 24.


  Jimmy the Gem, race name Jimmy the Germ, traveled the "A" Circuit in 2019 competing in the Take 2 Hunter Division. Although, racing was not his talent his athleticism brought him into the  3ft hunter ring. He competed that summer earning 5th place Horse of the Year through the United States Hunter Jumper Association. Jimmy has always been a "hot" thoroughbred since day one. His temperament led us to perform a complete evaluation of his behavior. Jimmy was diagnosed with "kissing spine" and has undergone surgery and rehabilitation for this diagnosis to have a better quality of life. He is currently rehabilitating from his surgery strong and the "hot" thoroughbred is now very "quiet" sometimes the atmosphere on the track is not enough of an excuse as to why they are so anxious. We have to look deeper and get to know the individual horse and what they are trying to tell us. Our veterinarian has stated he has made a full recovery from surgery and is ready to start exercising.


Recently, in 2020 Island Whirl Girl competed in the Take 2 Thoroughbred Jumper Division throughout the "A" circuit. Girlie and I qualified to compete in the Take 2 finals hosted by Kentucky National Horse Show located in Lexington, KY. So off we went and accomplished a rating of 9th in the nation. We are looking forward to gaining more skills and knowledge about each other in the jumper ring throughout the new year. Lauren has had "Girlie" for 10 years. She came straight off the track at 6 years old with severe Lyme disease, very poor body and hoof condition.

 We worked hard to get girly back to health. We did not expect this mare to do more than light riding considering her condition she came in. Now Girlie is skilled in the 1.0 meter jumper ring and no one comes close to her time! Expect the unexpected with these special horses. Their love and motivation for us is much greater than we will ever understand.

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